26 Years with NASA



The X-1R Corporation is celebrating its twenty sixth anniversary supplying products to the National Aeronautical and Space Agency (NASA). Of course we are proud of the relationship with NASA, after all they probably are the most prestigious engineering organization in the world and they chose to use the X-1R’s range of products to lubricate their massive machines simply because they have proven our products to be the best.


In today’s ever shifting business environment isn’t it nice to know that there is one company that has managed to stay ahead of their competition whilst maintaining the quality and efficacy of their product to a level that exceeds the requirements set by NASA. At X-1R Corporation, we have been able to prove time and time again that our products provide superior protection than any other on the market. It is because of this that we continue supplying products to one of the most prestigious engineering customers in the world for over 26 years now.

Our story with NASA began way back in 1990’s. When NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre needed the best lubricant on the market to provide a lubrication solution for the heaviest lift vehicle in the world, the mammoth NASA Mobile Launch Crawler they turned to the same company that so many NASCAR teams had already discovered, they turned to X-1R. After a million dollar research and development program and rigorous testing at the NASA Kennedy Space Centre, X-1R lubricants were proven to provide the best lubricant on the market and have become an integral part of the preventative maintenance program for the past twenty six years.


We haven’t sat still in the past twenty six years though we have had to continuously research and innovate and utilize new technology to continue to be the best. Our success also comes because we focus on what you, the business owner and vehicle operator need; a product that works like it should, a product that delivers excellence, and efficiency and peace of mind. All around the world, factory owners, power companies, shipping companies and winning race car drivers have switched to X-1R. In fact millions of users have already discovered the benefits of X-1R’s range of performance enhancing products when it comes to keeping machinery running smoother, longer and more efficiently. Isn’t it time you found out as well?