12 July 2022

X1R The Best Octane Booster Available – The Appliance of Science

Recently the scientists over at X1R were asked to prove that their Octane Booster really did work in the way that they said and to the level that they were boasting about.  To make it a fair test they went about the region to collect a representative sample of competing Octane Boosters and sent them down to Intertek Laboratories in Singapore. 

30 June 2022

X-1R Octane Booster Proven to be the Best of the Best!

With the sudden global increase in fuel prices South East Asia has been impacted like the rest of the world and prices at the pumps have sky rocketed.  To save money motorist have been tempted to pump lower grade fuels and suffer the loss of power and the increased noise from the engine. 

12 July 2019

X-1R improves Anti-shudder performance of Toyota CVT Fluid by over fifty percent

Even though the concept of continuously variable transmission is not new they have been lauded as the next best thing since gearboxes were first mated to an engine. The greatest thing about a CVT is that in theory you have an infinite number of gears. No more the four speed of old, the ‘new’ CVT’s work on a pulley system that enable the transmission to seamlessly shift to the optimum position for driving delivering massive fuel saving advantages not to mention the smoother operating.

24 June 2019

X-1R proves itself with Coca-Cola Trucks in the Philippines.

The engines of delivery trucks are subjected to some of the toughest driving conditions of any vehicle. Constant stop-start driving often through busy city streets carry heavy loads subject the engine and more importantly the oil within the engine to an environment that destroys the ability of the oil to function as an effective lubricant long before the service interval has been reached. This leads to untold damage and a dramatic shortening of the life of the vehicle.

5 October 2018

The Worlds 2nd Largest Quick Lube Chain now partners with X-1R

X1R products are readily found around the Globe, and even helping NASA get to Space, now finding our products has become that little bit easier after Petromin Express of Saudi Arabia become an official stockist for the range of Performance Lubricants.

31 July 2018

Approved by Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan and quite a few others

The X-1R range of products are no strangers to being regularly certified by NASA, who conduct the most stringent efficacy available anywhere in the world, and we are not overly surprised when year after year we are found to be the most effective lubricants available on the market; after all quality is job number one at our factory in Daytona USA.

12 June 2018

Which Fuel System Treatment should you use?

It doesn’t matter which fuel you pump into your car you probably assume, or sometimes hope, that it is the correct quality and free of contaminants.  The truth is it is a bit of a lottery really and the further you go from the refineries the worse the fuel can become and there is any manner of ways that contaminants can get into you tank.

12 June 2018

Big savings come in small packaging!

Calling all motorcycle owners! It’s time to get more pleasure from your ride, its time to join the X-1R family and find out why winning racing drivers and riders around the world have switched to X-1R’s proven space technology.

12 June 2018

A Cleansing Flush!

Over the years an engine will build up sludge, metal dusts and a host of abrasive contaminants in the hard to reach machinery and moving parts. Gum, grit, varnish and other by products of combustion are not fully cleaned out of engines by timely and regular oil changes alone. The build-up of sludge deposits can lead to problems including sticking valves, carbon build up and clogged passages that restrict the flow of oil to vital engine parts especially in upper valve train areas. These deposits will remain in your engine even after regular oil changes.

4 June 2018

X-1R Octane Boosters – Proven to be the Best

With the increase in the price of crude oil around the world there will be a commensurate increase in the price of the fuel we pump at our local gas-station.  Headlines around the Asian region have already indicated that the poor motorist is already shouldering the burden of increased fuel prices.

30 May 2018

X-1R Fuel Treatment – even your car needs vitamins

We humans are an innovative species. Everything around us stemmed from an idea of man to improve his lot. A car is one of those innovations. From its function to its aesthetic, a car, we could say is one of the world’s greatest ever inventions.

18 May 2018

スペース セミナー


18 May 2018

Space Symposium

Every year luminaries from the Global Space industry gather in Colorado Springs to discuss, address and plan for the future of space exploration. The event is organised by the Space Foundation and is called the Space Symposium, and this year was the 34th since the inaugural event in 1984.

22 May 2018

CVT Treatment – The proper way to protect your CVT transmission

We have often heard about CVT transmission but do we really know what it actually is? We may be able to differentiate what an automatic and manual transmission is but when it comes to CVT, we may only have a vague idea