Space Symposium

Every year luminaries from the Global Space industry gather in Colorado Springs to discuss, address and plan for the future of space exploration. The event is organised by the Space Foundation and is called the Space Symposium, and this year was the 34th since the inaugural event in 1984. The first Symposium all of those years ago was visited by just 240 delegates, the event has grown in statue and attendance to the point where this year saw 11,000 space enthusiasts register for the exhibition. The Space Symposium has now truly become the “must attend” space event of the year for anyone connected to space exploration.

Attendees represent all facets of space technology from Government bodies to space entrepreneurs to educational institutions and even private space travel companies. Over the years there have been many prominent speakers at the event including Vice Presidents of the US, Cabinet officials, secretaries of the USAF, Heads of NASA and of other Global Space agencies and of course many Astronauts.

The X-1R Corporation first started to attend the events over 22 years ago when their products were adopted for use in the Space Shuttle Program during 1996. The product range created by X-1R proved to be the most effective lubricant tested and thus gained the respected of the space community resulting in the company being inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in the year 2000, and after 18 years they are still the only lubricant company to have earned this distinction, and still a proud supplier to NASA at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

The Space Symposium prides itself on being a forward thinking event where the latest developments in space tech are displayed creating an exciting and exhilarating forward-thinking environment. Attendance is open to anyone who is interested and the event is held every April, if you are thinking of going then why not visit to find out more.

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