Approved by Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan and quite a few others

The X-1R range of products are no strangers to being regularly certified by NASA, who conduct the most stringent efficacy available anywhere in the world, and we are not overly surprised when year after year we are found to be the most effective lubricants available on the market; after all quality is job number one at our factory in Daytona USA.

To put it simply this is why so many dealers and distributors around the world have adopted our products to be a part of their preventative maintenance program.  Such companies as Hyundai in Philippines, Vietnam and Qatar along with Chevrolet and Nissan in the Philippines.  We have had great success with our program also with Major distributors of Honda and Toyota who like our CVT product and Flush system respectively.

The benefits that have been confirmed by test after test at the likes of Hyundai Philippines or Nissan Philippines Inc and this is probably why they have issued us with parts number for our products already.  Basically they will tell you if you ask them that with the use of X-1R products the car owner will experience;

Increase in Power

Decrease in fuel consumption

Smoother quieter drive

Reduced emissions

Isn’t it time to discover why X-1R beats the competition time after time after time? And still, we supply to NASA.

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