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Press Release

Nigel McKenzie

12th July 2022

X1R The Best Octane Booster Available – The Appliance of Science

Recently the scientists over at X1R were asked to prove that their Octane Booster really did work in the way that they said and to the level that they were boasting about.  To make it a fair test they went about the region to collect a representative sample of competing Octane Boosters and sent them down to Intertek Laboratories in Singapore.  The independent Lab tested the samples we sent using the ASTMD2699 protocol and we were delighted to find out that once again we came out on top, X1R was proven to deliver the greatest boost of all the products tested.

AS the Intertek was testing for boost, they had treated a representative volume of fuel, in this case 1000ml of Petronas Primax 95 RON which was measured to actually be 95.8 RON, with 60ml of each of the products.  Which is correct but we wanted to know if we were the best when used in a real-life setting.  What would the results be if all the products were used at the correct dilution rates?  Does X1R actually deliver in on the road as well as in the laboratory?

We went back to Intertek and asked them to dilute the products into the correct amount of fuel so that we measured what an average motorist would experience when using the correct levels of the various Octane Boosters in their vehicle.  For the second test we used Shell 95 RON which like the previous test came back with as 95.8 RON.   Once again, we were delighted with the result with our X1R Octane Booster, the smallest and almost the lowest cost product openly available on the market, coming out on top.

The result is of course very pleasing for anyone involved with X1R but in fact not as much of a surprise.  Previous testing, we have undertaken at Intertek and at Carmin Cargo in the USA have shown that when it comes to Octane Boosters X1R truly know what they are doing.  Many drivers have already discovered this and use X1R Octane Booster to improve the performance of low-spec fuels.  You can also use X1R Octane Booster to significantly increase you fuel economy but quite a large amount when using the correct specification of fuel.  Of course, some drivers just use Octane Boosters to go faster.

With the increase in fuel prices there has been a sudden increase in the amount of Octane Boosters on the market, most of which are sold in brightly coloured packaging designed to catch your eye but isn’t it nice to know you can still rely on the company that supplies to products NASA at the Kennedy Space Centre and isn’t it nice to know that there are still some companies that will rely in the Appliance of Science.

Product Treat Rate Boost
X1R Octane Booster


60ml to 75 litres 98.4
GAT Oktanbooster


300ml to 60litres 97.0


188ml to 50 litres 97.2
Voltronic G30


300ml to 45 litres 97.5
STP Jet Fuel


155ml to 94 litres 96.4


325ml to 70 litres 96.9


250ml to 60 litres 96.0
Petronas Durance


250ml to 50 litres 96.4


250ml to 50 litres 96.2


354ml to 80 litres 96.0


355ml to 80 litres 95.5

Fuel used was Petronas Shell 95 which tested at 95.8 RON

Protocol was the ASTM D2699 Test.

Laboratory was Intertek -Caleb Brett, based in Singapore.

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