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Calling all motorcycle owners! It’s time to get more pleasure from your ride, its time to join the X-1R family and find out why winning racing drivers and riders around the world have switched to X-1R’s proven space technology.


Inducted into the Space Foundation and Space Technology Hall of Fame X-1R is scientifically proven to enhance lubricants and keep engines running smoother for longer. X-1R Small Engine Formula (SEF) is formulated to get your motorcycle engine running cooler, quieter and smoother, while giving protection from wear and tear, and save on fuel consumption.


X-1R has been protecting engines and metal moving parts since 1989 and has constantly been listening to its millions of users, drivers and motorcyclists worldwide in an effort to protect engines and their owners!


X-1R’s determination to best serve the real needs of motorists has led to the release of its optimum formulation for motorcycle engines below 1,000cc, X-1R Small Engine Formula (SEF). X-1R has designed its new concentrated SEF precisely to improve fuel economy, overall performance and is scientifically proven to get your motorcycle engine running with increased horsepower, while at the same time reducing engine vibrations and operating temperature. For more than twenty years the X-1R Corporation has been a leader of development in the lubricant industry, with happy motorists the world over using products from the X-1R range at every service and regular intervals, increasing their engine’s life and gaining savings on fuel consumption of up to 10% or more!


Originally known for developing performance lubricants especially for the racing industry, X-1R gained fame for its commitment to the research and development of new lubricant technologies and was inducted into the Space Foundation and the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame for its development of the friction-eliminating “Shuttle Crawler Lubricant” that is used at Kennedy Space Center until this day. X-1R is the only lubricant in history to receive the prestigious honour. The fact that X-1R develops environmentally friendly fluids is increasingly driving more and more regular users its way, according to Nigel McKenzie, X-1R Global CEO. “We will analyse an industry’s need and customize a lubricant specifically for them,” he says. “As we know environmental impact is a concern, we have the ability to create the right lubricant that meets EPA standards, while maintaining maximum performance.”


X-1R developed the lubricant in response to NASA’s desire to find a biodegradable, high performance lubricant for use in the space shuttle Crawler, the mammoth transporter that moves the space shuttle from the vehicle assembly building to the launch pad at a deliberate one-mile-per-hour pace. Ever since, other industries have been finding what works for NASA, works for them.


“We at NASA, at the John F. Kennedy Space Center, are very proud of our relationship with X1R and celebrate the success X-1R has had that is in part attributable to the space program,” says Pamela Bookman, commercialization manager for NASA’s Technology Commercialization Program.


Now available in an easy to pour 50ml bottle, X-1R have tailored the best of their award winning Engine Treatment to suit the daily requirements of motorcyclists. Continuously striving through innovation to ensure its secret recipe is accessible to those who need it most. Just one bottle of our extreme X-1R Small Engine Formula added to motor oil significantly improves its performance.


X-1R’s Small Engine Formula, added to oil, penetrates the metal inside the engine leading to a dramatic reduction in friction and wear, decrease in vibrations, protecting against the harsh metalto-metal contact that occurs especially during “cold starts”, saving on fuel consumption and increasing the life of your engine. It’s time to discover what NASA and millions of drivers the world-over already know.


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By adding X-1R Small Engine formula to your motorcycle you could save up to 15% on fuel bills and avoid costly breakdowns.

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