Which Fuel System Treatment should you use?

It doesn’t matter which fuel you pump into your car you probably assume, or sometimes hope, that it is the correct quality and free of contaminants.  The truth is it is a bit of a lottery really and the further you go from the refineries the worse the fuel can become and there is any manner of ways that contaminants can get into you tank.


Early symptoms of low quality fuel will of course be poor acceleration, knocking and pinging and of course if you get a blocked injector you may notice clouds of exhaust coming from your tail-pipe, this incomplete combustion will eventually result in coke deposits in your engines, not to mention the harm to the environment.  This is why there are a number of Fuel Treatments on the market that claim to “clean” the fuel lines or injectors or engine.


Some of the fuel treatments will make some lofty claims but the truth is none work like X-1R Petrol and Diesel System Treatments.  We know because we have tested most of the leading brands and find that ours always comes out on top time after time.  In fact it is very safe to say our products are unique.  X1R Fuel Treatments contain a patented formulation that actively work to correct a design flaw in the very fuel you use to power your vehicle and in doing so, deliver increased performance to your vehicle.


With all fuels when it is injected into the combustion chamber there are a random variation in droplet size.  X1R Fuel Treatment actually modifies the rheological properties of the fuel making it viscoelastic leading to a more uniform distribution of droplet size which stops pre-ignition and enables you to gain more power from every last drop of the fuel you use which of course saves you money.


Elements in our fuel treatments were originally developed for use with the American Airforce X1R fighter jets but when used in our fuel treatments have been proven to deliver significantly improved fuel economy and reduced emissions whilst cleaning out all of the carbon deposits that gradually accumulate within the engine and lubricating the combustion side of your engine so you will experience more power and smoother driving with every tank of fuel that you use.


All X1R products are extensively tested and our fuel treatment products have undergone rigorous scientific testing in fact they are approved by the Californian Air Resource Board and the Texas Low Emission Diesel program and are certified Space Technology so you know you can trust them to the last drop to deliver reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency.


The next time you take your car for a service it probably would be a good idea to ask the mechanic to put a bottle of X-1R Fuel System Treatment into your car.

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