X-1R improves Anti-shudder performance of Toyota CVT Fluid by over fifty percent

Even though the concept of continuously variable transmission is not new they have been lauded as the next best thing since gearboxes were first mated to an engine. The greatest thing about a CVT is that in theory you have an infinite number of gears. No more the four speed of old, the ‘new’ CVT’s work on a pulley system that enable the transmission to seamlessly shift to the optimum position for driving delivering massive fuel saving advantages not to mention the smoother operating.


Only it wasn’t to be, you see there is a problem with CVT’s. Even the best looked after CVT’s will start to develop a shudder that really stops you enjoying the ride. In fact most major manufactures are wrestling with the head-ache of their CVT’s not making it to through the warranty period without mechanical failure.


This was when the national transport manager contacted X-1R in the Philippines to see if the X1R Engine Treatment could be used to ensure effective lubrication for the length of a service interval. X-1R staff designed a simple test program where a number of trucks would have the oil from their engines tested before/after the addition of X-1R to measure the impact of the product on extending the life of the oil in the trucks.


The problem comes as the weights that control the centrifugal pulleys become dirty and worn. This rapidly causes the belt between the two pulleys to suffer what is known as micro-slips or to me and you shudders. Ultimately the bearings will become so out of shape that they will cease to work all together. This results in a very expensive and lengthy repair job.


All is not lost though. Those clever folk over at X-1R have already formulated a solution for the problem, and indeed have been selling the product for about three years now with 100% satisfaction. Even though the product was proving successful in the market X-1R decided subject the product to the JASO M349 test in Japan.


JASO, stands for the Japan Automotive Standards Organisation, is very much at the forefront of QC testing for the automotive business and their M349 test is seen as an industry standard to check the ability of a fluid to resist the onset of shuddering in a continuously variable transmission.


X1R decided to conduct the first test using Toyota Continuous Variable Transmission fluid. The product was test first on its own and then with the X1R CVT Treatment added to it. Frankly the results were very encouraging indeed. At the lower temperature and slide speed X1R has improved the anti-shudder performance/service life by at least 30% and at higher temperatures and slide speeds by over 50%.


What this means is that even in congested city driving that seems to be taking the toll on the service life of CVT fluids with the addition of X-1R the average motorist will be able to dramatically extend the ability of the oil in their transmission giving peace of mind as you sit their in that traffic jam. I guess that is why we call it vitamins for your car.

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