X-1R proves itself with Coca-Cola Trucks in the Philippines.

The engines of delivery trucks are subjected to some of the toughest driving conditions of any vehicle. Constant stop-start driving often through busy city streets carry heavy loads subject the engine and more importantly the oil within the engine to an environment that destroys the ability of the oil to function as an effective lubricant long before the service interval has been reached. This leads to untold damage and a dramatic shortening of the life of the vehicle.


Recently Coca Cola Beverage Philippines Inc. (CCBPi) found that the oil in their 1600 trucks becoming acidic, contaminated and lost its effective viscosity very much before the trucks were due for an oil change. The result for the company was a decrease in fuel efficiency and an increase in breakdowns largely due to over-heating. For the customer this meant late or non-existent deliveries, certainly not an ideal situation.


This was when the national transport manager contacted X-1R in the Philippines to see if the X1R Engine Treatment could be used to ensure effective lubrication for the length of a service interval. X-1R staff designed a simple test program where a number of trucks would have the oil from their engines tested before/after the addition of X-1R to measure the impact of the product on extending the life of the oil in the trucks.


Samples of oil were collected from each of the trucks and were sent for testing at the Philippine laboratory of international testing house Intertek (you can find them at https://www.intertek.com/) . The parameters tested included Viscosity at 40 and 100 degrees centigrade; the Total Base Number (TBN), Water Content and Wear Elements such as Iron or copper.


All of the vehicles in the test were recommended to have an oil change at 5000 kms but in the testing of the un-additized oil it was apparent that the standard oil being used in the trucks was losing it’s viscosity at below 2000km and thus would not have been providing effective lubrication.


After the oil in the vehicles was additized a very different result was monitored by the Engineer in charge of the tests, Mr Fernando L Francisco who is an Engineering Professor at a respected Philippine University noted that the oils was still providing effective lubrication even after the vehicles had exceeded their service interval by a considerable amount.


IN fact each of the vehicles in the test went past their service interval by at least 50% with the oil still providing effect lubrication. This proves that with the addition of X-1R engine treatment you can effectively extend the life of any oil even in the harshest environments and have the confidence that the oil in your engine will provide effective protection for the entire service interval.

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